Grand Travel Worldwide goes Southwest

To pick the best travel destination in the Southwest, Grand Travel Worldwide visited every city in the area. The very first stop was Santa Fe. The city’s legendary reputation attracted attention to go there and have fun. This article is what Grand Travel Worldwide  experienced during the travel.
As you hear about Santa Fe, you might think that it’s a huge city. That’s because of the legend that surrounds this special town. Looking at the numbers, Grand Travel Worldwide found out that the city’s population is less than 73,000 and it doesn’t have a major airport, Albuquerque is the closest big airport. Santa Fe is the fourth largest city in New Mexico and the smallest state capital in the country.
Grand Travel Worldwide visited the stylish galleries that gave the fame to this small town. Santa Fe is proud to have high class dining and it’s famous for its amazing adobe architecture and traces of the Native American and Spanish culture’s confluence. When visiting Santa Fe you must see the organic architecture: combining clay, sand, water and fibrous organic matter like straw or sticks. This is adobe, a durable natural building material perfect for what was needed in this treeless, dry region.
Santa Fe features a plaza that is now a grassy park. Walking the Plaza, Grand Travel Worldwide saw the Palace of Governors, which was constructed soon after the plaza was constructed in the early 1600’s. This is the place where the decisions were made by the Spanish colonial government and by the American territorial governors. Walking through the plaza the traces of these times are revealed.
Grand Travel Worldwide started the tour from the Plaza. It visited the Palace of the Governors and after that crossed the street to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. The architecture of the building catches the visitor’s eye, it is a good example of the Pueblo Revival architecture and it’s a prototype of the city’s characteristic adobe style. It was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and it holds about 20,000 pieces created by artists who crossed Santa Fe.
Grand Travel Worldwide went to visit every museum: Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, New Mexico Museum – this one features the Spanish Colonial Art galleries – to see masterpieces of the artists who wrote their names into the great book of Santa Fe’s history.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Members Explore The Arctic Southern Edge, Newfoundland

Grand Travel Worldwide members say that vibrant and rich are the two words that come to mind when they think of Newfoundland. This region has a vast array of experiences to immerse and enjoy.  Newfoundland is a region unique in itself because it is the oldest city of North America. It is a Canadian province created from a glacially scoured Islands of North Atlantic and stands out as a geological treasure trove and dramatic part of North Canada.

Grand Travel Worldwide says that there is truly something for everyone in Newfoundland because its natural beauty and year round effervescence of life creates a peaceful sanctuary. Here the travelers get the chance to enjoy, recharge and connect themselves to its natural beauty. Newfoundland is in the area where life is cloaked with a snow white blanket and the crystal clear air is chilled. The tourist can enjoy the peace and serenity that their spirit craves for. Tourist visit Aurora Borealis, the area where the northern star lights up the night sky with its rich colorful hues and creates a hypnotizing show of natural beauty.

Grand Travel Worldwide members also recommend you to experience Snowmobiling and Snowshoeing activities in Newfoundland as these are the two options that the sensational geography of Newfoundland offers you. Tourist seeking relaxation can enjoy the natural beauty of Newfoundland from a more urban setting from St John’s. The wonderful restaurants around St John’s offer gourmet cuisines as well as fabulous events for travelers who love to enjoy festivals and feel more at home in urban settings.

Grand Travel Worldwide recommends tourists looking for adventure opportunities to explore the waterfalls, abandoned fishing villages and remote bird colonies in Labrador, Newfoundland.  From here they can watch the Humpback Whales pass by and can even marvel at the ten thousand year old Icebergs. And if the tourists are lucky they can even get the chance to enjoy a visit to the remote sea caves and its pebbles beaches. For hikers and walkers there are hundreds of trek trails across the area where they can go for a short walks or enjoy a multi week long trek through its wilderness.

Grand Travel Worldwide members say that no matter how you choose to spend your vacation in Newfoundland it is ready to offer you all the right ingredients for a fantasy holiday.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Experience The Aloha Spirit Of Oahu’s Nightlife

Grand Travel Worldwide associates know that filled with Aloha Spirit, Oahu is perhaps Hawaii’s most lively island filled with great daily activities and an even more exciting nightlife. Oahu’s go with the flow attitude and laid back style can be found everywhere on the island from Oahu’s beautiful beaches to its bars and club nightlife. The island features great nightlife activities from Honolulu’s exciting live music to Waikiki’s amazing club scene Oahu offers a variety of nightlife choices from the laid back and relaxed to the action packed. Honolulu and Waikiki are the focal point of Oahu’s nightlife and offer everything from romantic evenings on the beach and tropical nights filled with Polynesian culture to long nights of non-stop dancing and mai tai’s, Hawaii’s signature drink.

Oahu nights begin at sunset with an explosion of colors stretching into the sky remark the members of Grand Travel Worldwide. Whether you’re at one of Oahu’s fine dining restaurants, heading back to your luxury accommodations after a fun-filled day at the beach or shopping for that perfect Hawaiian souvenir make sure to take a moment to watch the sun set with vibrant pinks, oranges and reds marking the end of an exciting day and the beginning of a thrilling night.

Oahu runs on what locals refer to as Hawaiian-time, allowing everyone to be completely relaxed and never in a hurry. Many of Oahu’s hottest nightspots don’t get started until midnight so there’s no need to rush into the evening. Throw on your new Aloha shirt with its brightly colored flowers and hang loose in one of the many beach bars or hotel bars that line the beach. Waikiki offers an active nightlife that includes a variety of friendly bars serving tropical drinks complete with a little umbrella. Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach is a four star resort on Waikiki Beach that offers nothing but the best in accommodations, entertainment and nightlife. Duke’s Canoe Club is a popular bar inside the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach and offers excellent dining, unforgettable ocean front views and some of the best tropical drinks in Oahu.

Venture outside your resort hotel to Kalakaua and Kuhio Avenues, the center of Waikiki’s restaurant, bar and nightclub scene suggest eth members of Grand Travel Worldwide. If you’re already in the area much of Waikiki’s nightlife is within walking distance of each other and transportation is not necessary. If you want to experience Oahu’s nightlife beyond Waikiki then take advantage of the many methods of transportation that are available. Getting around in Oahu is an affordable and easy task. Rent a car for a day or two to explore the entire island, hop in a taxi to take you to all the best late night spots or hitch a ride on TheBus when in Honolulu. TheBus is Honolulu’s bus system that operates from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. and goes to various Oahu destinations with pick-up spots marked by yellow and orange striped signs. The fare for TheBus is US$2.00 and there is a 4 day TheBus pass available at many local stores for US$20.00. Make sure to “scratch” your ticket correctly before getting on the first TheBus. When purchasing the 4 day pass it is highly recommended that you also purchase the guide to TheBus which is available for only US$2.95. TheBus is an ideal way to get to great Oahu nightlife events including luaus, hula shows or many of the other activities that the island offers.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Explores Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Grand Travel Worldwide has traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to explore its breathtaking golden sand beaches. Members have explored Cabo and their favorite beaches include Medano Beach and Lovers Beach.

Grand Travel Worldwide knows that travelers go on vacation to have fun. The famous Medano Beach is full of entertainment and activities. It is also where many of Cabos best resorts are located. Travelers can sit at a table on the sand and eat at a delicious Mexican restaurant. The water is peaceful and easy to swim in. Medano Beach is Cabo´s premier destination for watersports. Wave runners and parasailing can be found right off the beach. Medano Beach is excellent for adventure and entertainment.

Grand Travel Worldwide recommends a scenic boat ride to Lovers Beach. It is a paradise for sunbathers. Families of sea lions can be seen all around. It is also situated next to the arch, a famous Cabo landmark. The golden sand is as soft as powder. Cabo San Lucas is full of beautiful beaches for all travelers to enjoy.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Institutes a Member Satisfaction Department

Grand Travel Worldwide is a leader among vacation providers. It received this distinction due to its constant innovation. The latest innovation is the creation of a Member Satisfaction Department. This new department adds a twist to the typical Customer Service Department found in many vacation clubs in the industry.

This Member Satisfaction Department goes beyond typical customer service. It takes the information gathered bythis departmentand uses it to deviseincredible vacation packages and rewards programs. These packages and programs are specifically designed for its members using information gleaned from the members themselves. No other vacation provider takes the time to collect this information and turn it into products and services that its members truly desire.

Everyone enjoys travel, and it is known to be an ideal stress reliever. This new Member Satisfaction Department makes traveling that much more enjoyable. Be assured that travelers will find the best vacation packages and rewards at Grand Travel Worldwide. This luxury vacation provider continues to innovate so that its members are offered the best in vacation packages and rewards.

Grand Travel Worldwide knows the importance of satisfied customers, whichis why it has taken the time to create a department solely devoted toensuring that members are completely happy. If you would like to become one of Grand Travel Worldwide’s many satisfied members, contact Grand Travel Worldwide at (888) 954-7833 today

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Grand Travel Worldwide Members Love The Gondola Ride At Banff National Park

Grand Travel Worldwide members just love the adventurous experiences of Banff especially during the winter season. Banff is perfect for all types of tourists as it is ready to offer you a calm retreat or heart pounding adventures to suit your interests. Set amongst spectacular scenery the Canadian Rockies has a wealth of must do activities that keep the appetite of the adventure-seekers full. Whether you are interested in a water adventure, scenic flights, wildlife spotting or snowy fun, it is ready to offer you unlimited adventure experiences to satisfy your moods.

Grand Travel Worldwide members say that while visiting Banff National Park in the heart of the Canadian Rockies you get to see mountains in a moment than most see in their lifetime. Tourists can ride atop its mountains on a Banff Gondola and enjoy a bird’s eye view of its mountainous landscape. While in the area, tourist should enjoy a healing dip in its soothing hot springs and come out refreshed, re-charged, and ready to face the challenges of their busy work life.

Grand Travel Worldwide recommends tourist interested in the history and culture of the area to visit its Whyte Museum, as it is the perfect way to discover the secrets of the Canadian Rockies. Tourists can walk through its galleries and enjoy its fascinating heritage.

Grand Travel Worldwide members say that there are many adventure opportunities for the thrill-seeking tourist as they can descend into a cave at Grotto Mountain. These caves, carved from huge quantities of water of extinct glaciers and limestone formations make it stand out unique from others. Tourists can follow the guides and explore its twisted passages discovering mineral formations and fossils. However, these tours are physically quiet challenging but no experience is required to enjoy it. Tourists can enjoy these tours all year round, rain or shine and should wear light hiking shoes to enjoy it with full enthusiasm. So whether you want to walk across glaciers fields or snuggle up romantic sleigh rides there sure is a combination of activities to suit your fun experiences.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Presents Travel Tips for Packing

Grand Travel Worldwide knows that when packing for your travel you bring the basics, but things that could really make your trip easier tend to get overlooked. Below are some tips for packing pertinent items that come in handy when you reach your travel destination.

1.) Pack a hat. In the winter a knit hat will keep you warm and take up little space. In the summer, a brimmed hat will keep the sun off your face.

2.) Bring a travel first aid kit containing the following: ibuprofen, decongestant, Nyquil, bandages, hydrocortisone cream. You will not believe how often it will come in handy.

3.) If you are going somewhere with clean drinking water pack a reusable water bottle that clips onto your bag. It is even better if it’s collapsible. You will save money by doing this.

4.) Grand Travel Worldwide also suggests that you bring a bag with wheels because you never know how far you will have to walk when you reach your destination.

5.) Pack the most comfortable clothes you own. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, pack your most comfortable shoes. Grand Travel Worldwide understands that they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing but your feet will thank you in the end after you have walked several miles checking out tourist attractions.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Provides some Helpful Pet Travel Tips

Grand Travel Worldwide is well aware of the enormous “pet lover” community; we all love our pets and feel sad when we have to leave them with strangers when we start out on our vacation. Nevertheless, with the changing times you can now travel with your beautiful furry pets and a few tips to make this more enjoyable are always helpful.  Many airlines allow your pets to accompany you on the plane and you can ship large pets below in cargo. Moreover, there are also many accommodating hotels and resorts that are pet friendly and offer suitable pet accommodations.

Grand Travel Worldwide members say that before you travel with your pets it is very important that you get a clean bill of health for them. You should take them to a vet for a check up and get them vaccinated according to the requirements of your holiday destination. Some vets prescribe tranquilizers for your pets during the flight so that they may sleep thorough it or at least feel more relaxed but you should never use them without consulting you’re the vet, and are comfortable administering the tranquilizer as it may end up harming your pets

Grand Travel Worldwide advises tourist traveling with pets to put an identity tag on their pets with their name and phone number. You should always carry your pet’s favorite toy and snacks while traveling so they will be busy playing and eating and will not cause trouble during the flight. You also need to notify the airline company that you are traveling with your pet as they only allow a limited number of pets on the flight. You also need to follow the allowable dimensions of your pet carrier so that you abide by the airlines rules and regulations and will not get over any hassle because of it. Pets need to be at least eight weeks old before they are allowed to fly. Exercising your pets and feeding them properly before the flight will help you to travel in comfort as your pet may feel tired out and sleep all through the flight.  Also make certain you have an International health certificate if required, and many times 2 certificates are needed one to enter a country, and another to come home.  It is important to check on all of this to assure traveling with your pet is enjoyable and memorable.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Shares Safety Tips When Traveling on Public Transportation

Grand Travel Worldwide says if a country has a pattern of tourists being targeted by criminals on public transport, that information is mentioned in each country’s (Country Specific Information Website) in the section about crime. This is something important to look at when researching your area destination prior to traveling.


Grand Travel Worldwide recommends only taking taxis clearly identified with official markings. Beware of unmarked cabs.


Well-organized, systematic robbery of passengers on trains along popular tourist routes is a problem. It is more common at night and especially on overnight trains.

If you see your way being blocked by a stranger and another person is very close to you from behind, move away. This can happen in the corridor of the train or on the platform or station.

Do not accept food or drink from strangers. Criminals have been known to drug food or drink offered to passengers. Where possible, lock your compartment. If it cannot be locked securely, take turns sleeping in shifts with your traveling companions. If that is not possible, stay awake. If you must sleep unprotected, tie down your luggage and secure your valuables to the extent possible.

Do not be afraid to alert authorities if you feel threatened in any way. Extra police are often assigned to ride trains on routes where crime is a serious problem.


Grand Travel Worldwide warns that the same type of criminal activity found on trains can be found on public buses on popular tourist routes. For example, tourists have been drugged and robbed while sleeping on buses or in bus stations. In some countries, whole busloads of passengers have been held up and robbed by gangs of bandits.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Leads the Industry with Outstanding Vacations

Grand Travel Worldwide is leading the vacation club industry in amazing travel arrangements and the highest degree of customer service. When you are searching for vacation accommodations you may find that everywhere you are interested in travelling to be too expensive for your budget and you don’t really know what your next step will be. This is why many travelers choose to take advantage of amazing memberships that vacation clubs like Grand Travel Worldwide have to offer. When you utilize these memberships you can get affordable accommodations at leading resorts all over the world, and this includes benefits on car rentals and even discounted cruises. There is really a world of opportunities when you sign up for a membership at this vacation club and these amazing deals will help you plan vacations of your dreams.

Grand Travel Worldwide is not only providing amazing travel deals to locations all over the world, they are doing so while elevating the standards of customer service. While you have a membership with this vacation club you are met with an experienced staff that can help guide you through every aspect of your vacation planning process. It is nice to have the support of staff members that have decades of experience in the travel industry. If you are looking for unbelievable deals to the top destinations all over the world you should contact Grand Travel Worldwide to see the amazing benefits that a vacation club membership has in store for you. Get ready for adventures of a lifetime when you sign up with this amazing company.

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